Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yukon Introduces……

The Big Squeeze


We invite Businesses and Organizations around Whitehorse to join in on this city-wide Lemonade Stand Competition from 11:00am-2:00pm on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018!

The Big Squeeze was created by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince George in 2013 as a ‘just for fun’ event that allowed staff and some local businesses an opportunity to tap into their inner child and sell some lemonade. The event was such a massive success that it became an annual fundraiser and has continued to grow in popularity.  All lemonade stands participating offer their lemonade by donation, and some choose to also include additional draws such as baked goods or a bbq! With the community spirit in the Yukon, we thought we would host our own Big Squeeze in honour of our 40th anniversary in the Yukon!

All proceeds from The Big Squeeze stay in Yukon to support our agency’s proactive mentoring programs!

How to Register a Team:

Contact Angela Krueger, Executive Director at 668-7911 or

The Rules:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters will provide your team with lemons and pitchers the Monday before the event.  Teams can add anything (non-alcoholic) to their lemonade.
  • The agency will promote all locations that lemonade will be available. You can do additional promotions for your team; it’s encouraged! Let us know if you will be participating by July 9 for full promotion!
  • Teams can raise additional funds at their stand by collecting donations, having a bake sale or anything else that is legal and your imagination can come up with. These additional fundraising efforts will go towards your total.
  • Lemonade is sold between 11:00am-2:00pm.  No lemonade sales (or other fundraising) done before 11:00am, or after 2:00pm will be eligible to be added to your total sales.
  • Pledge sheets will be provided to collect information for those who would like a tax receipt.
  • The Big Brothers Big Sisters team will be acting as judges and will be coming to each lemonade stand during the sale period to do a taste test. These judges will award the Best Tasting Lemonade trophy at the end of the day. Points will be awarded for taste and appearance. There will also be an award for top fundraising lemonade stand!
  • Staff members from Big Brothers Big Sisters will be at your location between 2:00pm-3:00pm to pick up the money raised and any remaining supplies.